Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Obento (Lunchbox)

There's a book called "Japanese Women don't get Old or Fat". It gives recipes for tofu dishes and noodles. However the real reason Japanese people don't get fat is that they eat a lot less than Brits. Here's the tasty lunch box handed out to lecturers after last weekend's opening ceremoney for the new academic year.

In the left box: one slice of carrot, one slice of bamboo, two dumplings made from fish, one shrimp, one teaspoonful of spinach, one teaspoonful of a brown vegetable - tastes like wood and is full of fibre.

In the middle box: one piece of omelette, half a slice of renkon (Japanese radish) with the edges dyed pink, a small piece of fish (under the renkon), one meatball, one mushroon in batter, one slice of sweet potato in batter, one slice of pumpkin in batter, one teaspoonful of pink Japanese pickles in a foil tray, and a small bottle of soy sauce (with a green lid).

The the right box: rice mixed with red beans, sprinkled with seeds, and topped with one sweet chestnut.

Served with: chopsticks, one toothpick and a moist towelette.
Cup of tea: Model's own.

I left the pickles because they're very salty and the Japanese have a high rate of strokes. Even so, this was larger than the typical lunchbox and I couldn't finish it all.

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