Monday, 25 May 2009

Summer Drinks 2009

There are a lot of coffee shops in Japan. Japanese homes are small so people generally don't invite friends over. This is also the reason that business is conducted in coffee shops. For example, you can often see housewives drinking tea while negotiating insurance contracts with salespeople. Also heating and air-conditioning are expensive but you can heat up or cool off for the price of a coffee, generally around Y250. And between 4-6pm the cheaper coffee shops (like Mister Donut)are full of students hanging out between school and juku (cram school).

How do you attract customers to your shop? Japanese people like to try new tastes so shops regularly bring out seasonal snacks and drinks. The Excelsior Caffe, for example, is joining the tapioca boom with iced tapioca teas and iced tapioca lattes. The blurb says they taste sweet and coconutty. However I'll be going for the super-healthy matcha latte with soy milk. Matcha is powdered green tea. Green tea and soya in one drink! Ikuzoo! (Let's go!)

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