Friday, 24 July 2009

Rainy Season Returns

The morning after I wrote my last post about how hot and sunny it was now that rainy season was officially over, I awoke to the sound of rain drumming on my roof. It has continued on and off since then and this morning it is raining so hard that the workers queuing at the bus stop across the road are standing ankle deep in water. With the return of the rain, the temperature has dropped to a frosty 27 although the humidity has become worse. You can feel the moisture floating in the air. Paper loses its crispness and goes floppy. Dry clothes still feel damp. And I have to use a hairdrier to dry my hair because otherwise is just stays wet.

With the lower temperatures I have regained my appetite and my energy. The first thing I did was to summer-proof my wardrobe to protect my clothes and linens from the kabi or mold that grows in humid weather. I have put three moisture collection boxes in the back of the wardrobe, covered all my clothes in anti-mold covers and placed small anti-mold tablets (the orange and white tablets in the orange packets) on all linens and surfaces. They should also keep away bugs. I bought odourless products. The smell of a Japanese summer is drains, mosquito coils and mothballs.

Next, I must spray the bathroom with kabi-killer.

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