Tuesday, 29 September 2009

2nd Term at Abingdon Boys School

I`ve spotted a marketing opportunity. Watch the video below of ABS in concert flying the flag for Britain and featuring a guest spot with some bloke I`ve never heard of. See the cardy? Pringle of Scotland (one crummy shop in Aoyama), sign these guys up!

They`re a good demographic for knitwear too. Believe it or not, all the band members are 40 years old, except for the lead singer who is 39. And yet they`re still popular with Japanese schoolkids.

A prefect`s badge for me, I think.


  1. Not bad at all, very nice cardigan! Better than a lot of British bands of the same genre.

    Were they miming at all? Some of the singing looked a bit out of sink with the video but that might just be You Tube.

  2. Let`s just say their `live` singing may have been `boosted` in the editing suite ...