Monday, 28 September 2009

Abingdon Boys School

I see Abingdon Boys School have a new single out. Yes, that`s them above. Is that regulation uniform?

Their new song is called Kimi no Uta (Your Song) and it`s the soundtrack to a new anime (animation ...... it`s a cartoon) `Tokyo Magnitude 8`. ABS`s genre is alternative rock and they are touring Europe in November, playing at the Underworld in London on 12th.

What interests me is how this band are tapping into the continuing popularity of the British brand, especially the belief that the British education system is the best in the world. These guys wouldn`t last 5 minutes at an inner city comprehensive. But then they`re not called Inner City Comprehensive, are they? They`re called ABS because Radiohead attended Abingdon School, the prestigious `public` (which in England means private, fee-paying) school.

Since their formation in 2005, ABS have had several hit singles including: Stay Away, White Breath, Howling and Jap. They also sing some of their songs in English – kudos for them.

Take a look at the PV (promotional video) for Innocent Sorrow. Is that any way to treat books?! Detentions all round except for the keyboard player who is obviously way too old to be a student. I bet he`s the music teacher.

And here they are in summer uniform singing `Freak Show` in English. Nice to see a band tackling real issues; what to do when you have too many electrical appliances. Still, not bad for a `live`.

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