Sunday, 20 September 2009

Come on SMAP!

While the rest of Japan was sitting around in their yukata (summer kimono), spitting watermelon pips and watching the summer firework displays, those hard-working SMAPsters were getting themselves yet another marketing deal. They now advertise Softbank phones.
I joined this network way back when it was Vodafone and marketed by David Beckham. I figured that if he could work their phones then so could I. I stuck with them when they became J-Phone even though they were then fronted by Brad Pitt and Cameron Diaz (pretty phones but ultimately useless), and then I got the White Plan (the cheap 890 Yen a month plan) when Softbank took over. I was thinking of looking for a new deal but now that SMAP are on board, I have reaffirmed my loyalty. The message I am now getting is that their phones may be nothing special but they work hard and are certainly value for money. Come on!

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