Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Autumn Stomach

Summer ended overnight. One day it was 29 degrees, the next morning it was 19. Japanese people are getting their autumn stomachs, replacing cold noodles with hot stews. But it takes a couple of weeks for your body (Japanese or foreign) to shift into autumn mode. As the temperature drops, we get muscle and joint pains and lose our appetites. I can only eat white foods right now: mochi (glutinous rice cakes like the ones above filled with red bean paste and covered in sesame seeds) and fresh tofu. The above tofu is a speciality of a little izakaya near my university. The toppings are, from left to right, chopped spring onions, ginger paste, and green tea powder. Pour on soy sauce and add green wasabi (hot horse radish)... delicious.

Typhoon Melor has just reached the islands of southern Japan. It is expected to move up to the mainland overnight. If so, lessons will be cancelled tomorrow.

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