Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Bump of Chicken

The anti-SMAP brigade at uni have suggested that I actually introduce a band that most young people really like. They took a vote and Radwimps, Flumpool, Rip-Slyme, Kat-tun, Glay, Gackt and even Ikimonogakari made good running but the overwhelming winners were Bump of Chicken. Which is a pity because I think they are boring and bland. So my student will introduce them:

My favorite band is Bump of Chicken. They`re 4 people and consists of two guiters, base and dram. They`re rock musicians. They`re all from Chiba-Sakurai-shi. They met in their nursery school student. Their birth year is all 1979. Their brief is equality so they haven`t decide leader. They`re so cool!

Apparently, they chose their name because it means `cowards strike back`. They claim to be influenced by the Beatles (God knows how) and my students say their songs have beautiful and complex lyrics.

Well, try them. The first video, Namida no Furusato (Hometown Tears) will at least give you some idea of what a typical Japanese high school looks like. The second, `Danny`, is in English and will give you some idea of what a typical Japanese high school student`s English ability is like. Bloody awful.


  1. I accidentally found this posting and as a huge fan of Bump..I think that I have to post something to actually say I'm completely disagree with you.
    Bump is indeed a good band! Try to listen to more songs and search for the lyric translation of theirs!
    Whoops, since you are working in Japan i don't think you need to find a translation for their lyrics to understand their songs..

    What type of song you like? if you like a more mellow/slow song i would recommend listening to supernova
    if you like a more power up song try listen to tentai kansoku, karma, sainojin ouenka or joushaken. those songs also have great lyrics and still plenty of their songs with great lyric.
    And I know the vocalist's English is not good, but for me he sings awesomely in Japanese [FYI, danny is the single they created when they were still in high school and that is the only full English song they have..lately they sings with full Japanese lyrics]

    And you are wrong to think that Bump of Chicken is a high school band, they are all getting 30 years old this year [2009].

    Please don't be offended by my posting, I'm just writing down my thought about Bump.

  2. Thanks for your comments. Since they are my students' favourites, I will try to listen to more of their songs. Personally I like a more hageshii sound so my favourite band remains ... Abingdon Boys School.