Thursday, 8 October 2009

Typhoon Melor

The 18th typhoon of the season, Melor, made landfall this morning and is currently working its way up the centre of the main island. Tokyo seems not to be too badly affected however most of the trains have stopped so classes have been cancelled for this morning. The building next door to my apartment is undergoing refurbishment (or 'reform' as it is known in Japan). The scaffolding is swaying and the canvas sheeting, which is supposed to cover the two-storey building from top to bottom like a curtain, ripped away and disappeared up the road half an hour ago. Oddly, the sun is shining.

Yesterday we were told to fill our bathtubs with water in case the typhoon cuts water and power. I don't think it will come to that here. But judging by the continuous TV coverage, other regions haven't been so lucky.

Japan's TV stations test the strength of a typhoon by sending some news cutie into the eye of the storm with a pakamac and clipboard and seeing how long it takes her to get swept away (see above). If it's really serious they send an ambitious young man down to the ocean and see how long it takes him to get an electric shock off his microphone. Great fun!

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