Sunday, 11 October 2009

Versailles Fashion

The other day in class the students were drawing self-portraits anime style. One student drew herself with long hair in ringlets and the others agreed it was very "Versailles". It reminded me of some clothes I had photographed recently on display outside a shop in Kichijoji. I couldn't understand the origin of this fashion so I wrote to ex-student K. He replied:

Umm... I don't know what kind of fashion too. In Japan especially Tokyo, there are many crazy people.
To me, it doesn't feel that's odd. This is merely one of fashion which born new style one after another.
I suppose these are inspired by anime or TV game(ex,dragon quest) whose story is the Middle Ages in Euro.
This period is noble sophisticated elegant to Japanese people.
Some might be fond of that kind of style.
Is it good explanation?
The smell of Autumn makes me happy:)

Thanks ex-student K and good luck with the Hip Hop.

The European 'noble sophisticated elegant' fashion is also popularized by the all-woman troupe known as the "Takarazuka" who perform musicals often based on romantic or fairy-tale periods in European history (although I have also seen a toe-curling excerpt from their version of West Side Story). I guess women playing male roles is no weirder than traditional Japanese forms such as Noh and Kabuki in which the female roles are played by males. Or even traditional English theatre. Even so, the Takarazuka seem odd to me. See for yourself. Here's a scene from their most famous musical, the Rose of Versailles.

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