Friday, 23 October 2009

The Yakimo Man

I`ve graduated from white foods to yellow. Which is good timing because the Yakimo man is back. Yakimo or yaki jagaimo are hot potatoes, regular white and sweet yellow. Traditional Japanese cuisine is not oven-based so most Japanese don`t have ovens in their homes. The Yakimo man drives up and down the streets in the early evenings calling people out from their houses to buy the potatoes from out of the open fire on the back of the van. The call - a taped chant on a tannoy - sounds rather spiritual. A colleague who had recently moved to Japan said to me, "The Japanese are so religious. I hear them calling the faithful every evening but I can`t find the temple".

Many supermarkets also have little ovens for potatoes and roast chestnuts. I walk in and think it`s Guy Fawkes Night.

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