Sunday, 8 November 2009


Had to work this weekened, interviewing high school students for possible admission to the university next year. Uni provided this obento (lunchbox). A mini hamburger, 1 inarizushi (rice in fried tofu), two types of rice: plain with a pickled plum and also rice with azuki beans), two pieces of deep-fried squid with a slice of lemon and a small bottle of soy sauce, a piece of salmon on a plastic leaf, a piece of renkon (Japanese radish - looks like a wheel), a slice of yellow omelette, bamboo: raw and also cooked with some pieces of cooked carrot, and various pickles. Delicious.

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  1. これを幕の内弁当といいます。由来(ゆらい)を調べてみるとおもしろいよ。Pre Theatre MealじゃなくてDuring Theatre Mealとでもいうのかな?