Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Keitai (Mobile/Cell) Battery Charger

Picture this, non-Japanese readers. You`re a Japanese wakamono (young person) and you`re out and about making essential calls and sending thousands of vitally important text messages to all your friends about what time you got up this morning (after 11am if my students are anything to go by), and what you had for breakfast (nothing for the girls, a black coffee from a vending machine for the guys), and how totally boring Burton-sensei`s class is (you think I can`t see you trying to send messages when my back is turned whilst I`m writing on the whiteboard? I can). Suddenly ... oh no! Your keitai battery has died. You risk being out of contact with your besties for the rest of the day. Social suicide! What to do? No problem. You simply find a public mobile phone charger (see above). 100 Yen for 10 minutes` charge. So now you can watch TV on the train home.

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