Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Wan Wan Matsuri

My local J-Mart (a hardware and interior furnishings megastore) was having a Wan Wan Matsuri today. Wan Wan is woof woof in Japanese, so it was a woof woof festival. Puppies and kittens were on sale. The average price for the really small dogs - daschunds being the most fashionable dogs at the moment - was 130,000 Yen, that is 866 pounds.

Pets are an obvious status symbol. They require space to house and leisure time for walkies. And that`s even before you start putting clothes on them.

Since J-Mart sells pets and pet supplies, you are allowed to take your pets inside the store ... in your shopping cart. It is not uncommon to round a corner and come eyeball to eyeball with a large dog standing in a cart. Alternatively you can leave your pet in the Dog Parking.

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