Thursday, 8 April 2010

Gudby korect spelng!

Dear Students

Good news for poor spellers! You know how I tell you that English is not a language but a constantly evolving animal? Well, it now seems that the email generation (that`s me) and the texting generation (that`s you) have prompted an evolutionary leap in (or the total extinction of, depending on how you choose to look at it) English spelling. On my recent trip, wherever I went in the UK, I spotted howling spelling errors and no-one seemed that bothered about them.

I can`t say I`m totally happy about it though. I LOVE good English and recently added the word gelid to my lexicon. (It was in a crime thriller.) And as I have told you before, the better your English, the more educated you sound, and the better your chances of getting that dream job and/or dream date. So keep bringing your electronic dictionaries to class. + sav the texts 4 ur fone.

And Writing 2 and 3 students, the weekly spelling test STAYS.

SPELLING QUIZ: There are 7 spelling errors in the coffee shop sign above. Can you spot them all?

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