Saturday, 19 June 2010

I am "bad condition"

Thank you so much to those of you who have sent emails asking where I have gone. Tokyo is awash with bugs and bacteria and I have had my fair share. I started with possible Whooping Cough which has become a global epidemic amongst adults, and I have now moved on to a stinking cold. Who knew that the Whooping Cough vaccine wore off? Not me. Apparently adults need to get booster shots. Six weeks on and I still can`t speak to my students without dissolving into a coughing fit but then a lot of them are coughing and spluttering right back at me. And you want to hear the noise on the subways in the mornings. Some people really sound as if they are going to collapse right there on the train.

I am doing the right thing and wearing my mask in class despite the students` amusement. One member of staff said it must be difficult for me to wear a mask because they are designed for Japanese people. I could only think she meant that Westerners have higher noses? They are very difficult to breathe through however - the masks not Western noses. Even so last week I forgot I was wearing one and tried to drink a cup of green tea through it.

I am slowly recovering, sleeping on average 10 hours a night and craving bbq beef for some reason (well, I have lost 2 kg). The only thing that is getting me through my lessons is my Lemon plus Collagen drink. 1,000mg of each plus around 1kg of added sugar judging by the energy buzz I get from every little bottle. Soon I will be back to full health and looking 10 years younger!

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