Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Rainy Season 2010

So it has been raining for the last two weeks. Then a couple of days ago the Japanese Meteorological Agency woke up to this fact and announced that rainy season had officially begun. At which point the rain stopped. But I`m saying nothing this year. Usually what happens about this time of year is that I notice that it is raining heavily and ask my Japanese chums if this is the rainy season. "No" they say, "This is not rainy season rain. This is different rain". And then the JMA officially announces rainy season and then they say it IS rainy season rain. I think this is an aspect of Japan`s hierarchical society. No-one wants to call it until an official body higher up officially approves it. In a hierarchical society information is controlled and rolls from the top down. As does the rain. And something else.

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