Monday, 6 December 2010

Good Customer Service ... Japanese Style

Power, gas suppliers to cut January charges due to stronger yen
Tuesday 30th November,
Japan’s 10 electric power companies and four major gas suppliers said Monday they will cut monthly charges in January from the previous month due to lower fuel costs caused by the yen’s appreciation. Tokyo Electric Power Co announced the largest cut of 44 yen for an average household among the 10 power suppliers, followed by 39 yen by Chubu Electric Power Co and 36 yen by Chugoku Electric Power Co and Okinawa Electric Power Co.
A cut of 39 yen in gas charges is planned by Osaka Gas Co, while Tokyo Gas Co, Toho Gas Co and Saibu Gas Co announced respective reductions of 37, 35 and 22 yen.
Prices of crude oil, liquefied natural gas and coal in the August to October quarter, which are the base of charges for utility services in January, fell 1.8, 2.7 and 2.2%, respectively, from those in the July to September period, the base for charges in December.
Hokkaido Electric Power Co and Tokyo Electric will lower their charges in January for the fourth consecutive month and the eight other power suppliers for the third month in row. The four gas companies will carry out cuts for four months running.

It may only be a token amount for households but it`s nice that the companies are thinking of its customers at the coldest time of year. Makes me feel like a valued customer rather than a complete mug which is how I feel when I have to buy a train ticket in the UK.

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