Sunday, 30 January 2011

Repobitan D - the greatest drink in the world EVER!

At the recent national center tests, all invigilating staff were given Repobitan D, a nutritional supplement it says on the bottle. I skim-read the back and it said it contained various B vitamins. So I drank mine straight away. It tasted like very strong Lucozade. Some teachers didn`t want theirs so before lunch I drank three more. We had 40 minutes for lunch but that was just enough time for me to write all my review classes, all my final exams, tidy my entire office, do A LOT of shredding which I like doing, and have an-depth but animated discussion with the vice president, the subject of which I cannot remember. In the first exam after lunch I was veryveryvery thirsty and I had trouble sitting still for the full hour. In the break I decided to have another bottle and it was at this point that - having read the three novels I`d brought - I decided to read the rest of the back of the bottle. It was then that I realised that the ingredients included nicotine and caffeine and something called taurine. Then I got veryveryveryvery sleepy so I didn`t drink any more.

I brought that last bottle home and today whilst doing my pre-"Devil Out, Good Luck In" cleaning, I found it in the fridge. And I drank it. My house is now reallyreallyreallyreally cleanincludingthewindowsinsideandoutandIpolishedthewhole floorandtookdownandwashedallthecurtainseventhoughIthinkmyneighboursacrosstheroadcanseerightintomyapartmentbecauseIcandefinitelyseerightintotheirsincludingreadingthetitlesofallthebooksthey`vegotontheirshelveswhichareprettymuchjustmanga. And I`d like to go to bed now but I can`t stop blinking.

Repobitan D - gives you wings ... and hallucinations.

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