Friday, 25 March 2011

Tokyo Disneyland ...Liquifaction

Eastern Tokyo was hit much much harder than the west, where I live. Urayasu is said to be sinking slowly back into the sea of Tokyo Bay. This area was created from reclaimed land. So was Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea. Take a look at this news report of the damage inflicted by liquifaction during the quake. It`s in Japanese but you don`t really need to understand the words, just look at the pictures. The pavement moves, liquid seeps up from the ground. In many homes there is no sewage, no gas and no electricity. And Disneyland is still closed. I can hear the wailing of my students from here. What are they going to do in their free time now ... homework?!

I hope to be back blogging by the weekend but I am currently too busy doing the supermarket sweep, heading out every morning to try to get basic food supplies and water.

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