Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sunday Morning

All tidied up and the computer monitor still works. On Friday the earth moved constantly. It was like being on a plane during bouts of strong turbulence. None of my neighbours made it home that evening so I had to read the Japanese manual and figure out how to reset the gas supply by myself. Which I did by torchlight at 9pm. It was only then that I realised I hadn`t eaten or drunk anything since the quake. Friday night I got very little sleep because there were strong aftershocks every 30 minutes. Saturday was calmer. We had a 6 this morning but the aftershocks seem to be lessening. My only injury is a large bruise on my head sustained when I got up in the night to go to the loo and forgot I was sleeping under the dining table. Worth every Yen, that table. I feel safe and cosy underneath it and so do all the spiders who are living under there with me.

As for the video, some friends of my sisters are on holiday in Japan and said that the tremors they experienced when they arrived on the 9th were an interesting experience. So after another tremor started on Friday I hunted around and got out my camera in order to take a video for them as a fun holiday souvenir. The tremor had been going at least a minute by the time I turned the camera on and, as you can probably tell, I wasn`t expecting it to get worse. We get tremors like that all the time.

Up north, foreign rescue teams are arriving. It is strange to see so many other foreigners arriving at the airport. The foreign population of Japan has probably doubled in one day. It feels odd that international rescue teams are required because west of Tokyo and for the rest of Japan it`s business as usual. I realise Japan needs specialist teams but it`s Sunday morning, the rest of us aren`t busy. Can`t we do something?

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