Friday, 8 April 2011

Magnitude 7.4 - 23.32pm

And another one .... Definitely the biggest since the big one. There has been an increase in aftershocks over the last few days and then yesterday there was almost nothing and I was wondering if it was all over or if we were poised for something big, and we were. I had just switched my light off and the windows were rattling because a strong wind is blowing warm summer air (and pollen) in, and then my whole apartment was shaking and I quickly switched the light on and wondered if I could make it down my ladder to catch hold of my computer monitor but I didn`t think I`d risk it. It didn`t seem to last more than a minute or two and then I went straight to sleep. And then I was woken several times in the night by aftershocks. Tired now. However I didn`t realise it was such a big quake until I woke up this morning and read the papers. It wasn`t that big in Tokyo, 4 tops.

I think, like a lot of people, I am just tired and fed up of the whole situation. Not scared so much. I don`t like being in my 9th floor office and I do think twice before I make plans to go out - I keep a map book in my bag in case I have to walk home. I got really annoyed with my university for being disorganised this semester with no clear term dates and suggestions to move times of classes. But it`s not the university`s fault. It`s not anyone`s fault. There`s no-one to blame and say, fix it now. All I can do is shake my fist at the ground and say, damn you tectonic plates! (So it`s the fault`s fault.) A lot of people are feeling the same. A couple of teachers and several students have admitted to recurring nightmares. Not me ... because I can`t get any ruddy sleep!

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