Saturday, 30 April 2011

Cracking up?

It was warm and sunny on Thursday. During a class in new B building I went to open some windows and found that the lintels had warped and the paint cracked post-quake. The stairs in C building are a bit suspect too. We are still saving power and only one lift in the building is working so I regularly run from my office on the 9th floor to the teachers` lounge on the 3rd and back up for tea top-ups. It`s the same in shops and on the subway. At Todaimae there are 66 steps from platform to the concourse and 53 up to ground level. I`m actually quite enjoying it. I`ll be a wraith by summer. But those cracks in the stairs (see above) - and they are on every floor - are a bit of a worry. And while I was photographing them we had 2 more quakes.

Also cracking up are my teeth. Or so I thought. I have had trouble with my teeth since the quake but have never been able to narrow it down to one tooth. Then I thought that I might have a crack and an abscess in a tooth I had a root canal in last year. So I went to the dentist this morning and he took an x-ray. No problem. He suggests (and I suspect he is right) that I am holding tension in my jaw and he says I should massage my jaw and temples for at least 3 minutes before I go the bed. (Note to Brits on the NHS: cost of my visit including x-ray = about 6 pounds.)

One of my students wrote about her experience of the big quake. She was working in a dental surgery and when the quake struck the patients tried to get up and run out and had to be restrained.

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