Friday, 15 April 2011

Ex-student Y`s earthquake story

As they say in the old cowboy movies, "It`s quiet .... TOO quiet". There have been no shakes since Wednesday. Nothing at all. I`d quite got used to the aftershocks. Most days when I went to my office there might be a book fallen off a shelf or a pile of papers that had slid to the floor. Then when I got home, there would be a bottle of shampoo toppled into the bath or my full-length mirror on wheels would have migrated half a metre across the room. It was like being haunted by a rather apathetic poltergeist. Is it all over, I wonder? And by all over I mean are we back to the old routine of a minor tremor every couple of weeks or a slightly larger one once a month? Tokyo is always moving.

As promised, here is ex-student Y`s earthquake story. He works for a travel company in one of the high rises in Shinjuku.

When it happend, i was in my office of 6th floor. (it is consist of 16 floors)
At the biginning of the earthquake, i thought it will be end soon, but it was not. it was harder and
harder, people started screaming and everything was dropped down on the floor. Then one of my
colleague shouted "we need to go out!!". Then we tried to go out from the office, but it was not easy
to do it because of the shocks. I managed to go down the stairs and fortunately, i went out with no
problem. My colleagues were also safe. After a hour, it was going to settle down, so we went back to
the work. We thought that we survived from the horrible happening, but this was just a biginning of
the worst situation.

First of all, we couldn't go back
Next, there was no food.
Last, we are face to the bad economic situation.

As for the result of the first and second one, we cooperated eachother, share a little food and slept on
the floor with cardboard. We made it!

The biggest problem is last one. There is still some after shocks in these days, so people dont go out,
buy, and pay. I cant expect that when we can go back to the normal day, but im sure that this happening
will make us be stronger and have a good future.

Love his upbeat ending .... so Japanese. Ex-student Y and his colleagues spent the night in Shinjuku. Then they woke up and did a full day`s work.

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