Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Pray for Japan

Back at work pretty much full-time from now on, if not actually in my office then out and about in Tokyo trying to catch up on research and carry out all the interviews I had planned to do before the quake.

Yesterday we had guidance for 3rd-year students and part-time teachers. The current record for walking home after the quake now stands at 9 hours, in heels. Many teachers had photos of damaged homes on their phones. Up on the 8th floor I thought they were moving offices but one of the lecturers told me that all the bookshelves came down during the quake so the workmen were bolting the shelves to the walls. Apparently it was the same story in the library. This is DEFINITELY the right time to ask the uni to buy me an e-book reader, out of my research budget of course.

Some universities have applied for a special dispensation from the Department of Education in order to run a 10-week term only. Our uni`s neighbourhood is due to be hit with blackouts soon so I guess we will just have to see how far we can get. We have been advised to do continuous assessment of students in case we don`t make it to final exam week.

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