Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Rattle, Stop, Rattle Rattle, Stop ... Aftershocks

What are aftershocks like? Take a look at the video below. We get these every 2-3 hours. They aren`t strong, they don`t do any damage and we just carry on whatever we are doing and hope that the shaking doesn`t get any bigger. Sometimes they go from side to side, less often up and down, and occasionally they swirl in a circle. The swirly ones make you feel as if you are having a dizzy spell. As you can see my bookcase shakes but doesn`t move, whereas I have to move my sofa and my desk back into place once a week. Aftershocks generally don`t last long either. I`ve been trying to capture one for a while but was only able to video the one below yesterday because my camera was on the desk in front of me at the moment it started up. Also yesterday was a busy day for aftershocks, 30 according to the Japan Meteorological Agency. And two of those were 6.3. This morning, we`ve had two already and it`s only 8.30am.

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