Thursday, 5 May 2011

Weight Loss Japanese-style

No-one calls me a chubster and gets away with it, least of all my students. But look what I`m up against. These before and after photos are from flyers for local `aesthetic` salons. They seem to claim that you can lose weight with counselling and special massage techniques (as opposed to the usual Japanese methods of starvation or sticking your fingers down your throat).

The woman in the top photo is 60 years old and has lost 10kg in 3.5 months, down from a super hefty 58.8kg to a more acceptable 45.5kg.

In the bottom photo the before caption reads "Me when my husband looked at me with a cold glance". And the after photo, "Now my body is slim, my husband is very affectionate".

This is what passes for attractive in Japan these days, bow legs you could drive a truck through.

Me, I`ve spent the week walking, jogging and shopping, my personal weight loss methods. Today is the last day of Golden Week and it was been very quiet and peaceful, by which I mean no big quakes. Although we have had some vicious storms, one of which removed next door`s roof and deposited it in bits on ours.

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