Monday, 13 June 2011

Purun Purun with QOO

I`m back in Japan. I left three weeks` ago for a family emergency which I will tell you about once I am over jetlag. I arrived at Narita on Saturday the 11th of June, exactly three months since the Big One. Apparently there was an anti-nuclear demonstration in Tokyo that day. Lights are still dimmed, the trains from Narita seem still to be running a restricted service but there are no shortages in the shops and lovely aircon is on in my local supermarket.

Rainy season seems to have started. The weather is muggy, the air is green with tropical smells and daddy long-legs keep bouncing through the windows. With little appetite I`ve turned to jelly drinks such as Purun Purun above to fill my stomach with calcium, iron, vitamin D and probably a lot of sugar as well. And QOO (no idea).

This morning (actually 3pm, I am VERY jetlagged)I got up to read that Christchurch, New Zealand has been hit by more aftershocks. My uncle who lives there has lost power again. After the last Christchurch aftershock on 22nd February I read in a Japanese newspaper that because the Christchurch faultline runs north to south through Japan, Japan would probably experience a substantial quake before long. And so we did two weeks and three days later. So are we in for more? I have felt two very minor tremors since I`ve been back but I will now take 20 minutes to check my water and food stores and tidy up around the place just in case. I`d probably better put some clothes on too ... did I mention it`s VERY muggy?


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