Monday, 22 August 2011

Thanks, Mark Foreman

Thanks to Mark Foreman for his correspondence and advice. See his blog entry at:

I got the cesium information from the Japanese government so I am not surprised it is, shall we say, unclear.

I have now evacuated from the area - 6,000 miles away - I am in England for my summer hols where, free from a restricted Japanese diet, I went mad and put on 2kg in two weeks. And I an loving the English peaches ...

(Mark, I'm sorry my blog wouldn't let you post me a comment directly. I'll look into it.)

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Women, know your limits!

I was browsing in Yodobashi Camera the other day when I found this handy little booklet for all us girly airheads who have no idea what a computer is for. It`s the "HAPPY Computer Select Book for Women" with the tagline "Even alone you can choose a computer safely".

First, you take a quiz to decide your personality type which will match with your perfect computer. Then ... you ask a man.

Thanks Yodobashi! A pink netbook for me, please!

That reminds me ...