Monday, 24 October 2011

The "Don`t Want to be Troubled" Types

On this week`s post-Fukushima diet plan I ate my words. My back has been troubling me on and off since the quake. First it was my jaw then my upper spine. Lots of friends, colleagues and students have also been experiencing similar ailments. (See last post about hair loss.) Anyway this week my back seized up completely and I resorted to mind-altering medication and walking around doubled over like a wall bracket. At the same time, my computer began to freeze up. I had noticed that the Wifi hadn`t worked since the quake but unlike my monitor which toppled over several times and doesn`t have a scratch on it - thanks Benq - my netbook had simply bounced around on the table. Anyway, on Thursday it died. Since I need a computer for all my classes I had to buy a new one quickly. But which one? I grudgingly looked out "Happy Pasacon (personal computer) Select booklet for Women" (see July post) and started the heartful quiz (see above).

Start: Which do you like, cats or dogs?
Q1: When you love someone do you make every effort for them?
Q3: Do you take your own obento (packed lunch) to school or work every day?
Q4: Are you a little weak at karaoke?
Q5: Do you often buy clothes on impulse?
Q6: Do you go to the nail salon once a month?
Q8: Do you occasionally go to bed without taking off your makeup?

And so on. The results indicated that I was one of four types:

The Particular Type
The Firm Type
The Worrier Type
The Don`t Want to be Troubled Type

I was the Don`t Want to be Troubled by a quiz which has nothing to do with buying a computer Type so I skipped straight to the "Ask a Man" section. In this case the man was my father. He gave me some model numbers and I crawled to Yodobashi Camera and showed the piece of paper to another man who sold me a new netbook.

Back home I booted up and went straight to the "uses for your new computer" section of the booklet which told me how to:

Make postcards of cupcakes
Shop online for shoes
Chat on Skype with my besties

What lovely lives some Japanese women seem to lead ...

Back in the real world, we had our monthly faculty meeting last Friday and a seminar teacher from another faculty came and showed a film he had made of his students` recent project. They had noticed that no-one was buying vegetables from Fukushima so they had gone up there, met farmers, helped with crop planting (there was one photo of a student being shown how to drive a tractor) and then shipped the vegetables down and sold them at a stall in eastern Tokyo. While there was a very brief shot of one farmer holding a white box-like object which looked to me like a geiger counter, there did not seem to be any mention of the dangers involved in such a project. After the film ended, a couple of lecturers made an attempt to clap but in general there was silence. I turned to the Japanese lecturer next to me to confirm what I had just seen. "Some people just refuse to be troubled with the truth" said the lecturer. I wonder where the university stands legally if any of the students get cancer in the next 20 years?

But enough of this pessimism. This is not the Japanese way. We must ganbarou! (Do our best!) Me, I`ve got shoes to buy.

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