Tuesday, 1 November 2011

From where I am unable to sit ...

I have only two positions: the wall bracket and standing very straight with my neck stretched up like a meerkat on guard. Yesterday I realised that no matter how many stretches I did I was not going to get better by myself so I found a local English-speaking chiropractor online and went straight there. He confirmed that my back is "out" and that one leg is now shorter than the other. I will have a spine x-ray tomorrow and start treatment next Monday. I hope it works. I like chiropractic treatment. I had it on my lower back years ago and it worked very well. I then took up yoga to keep my back in good shape. However at the beginning of this year I decided to work on my headstands. My back has hurt intermittently since then. My new chiropractor, who also does yoga, says I shouldn't do headstands any more and I am not going to argue with him.

Typing at my desk is all kinds of screaming agony so I will instead leave you with two articles to peruse. They are from the "From Where I Sit" column of the Times Higher Educational magazine. The first one I wrote whilst sitting under my dining table the weekend after the quake. The second was an update published last week.

From where I sit - After the quake: we shall carry on

From where I sit - A life still far from normal

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