Sunday, 4 December 2011

Yakult Lady

Yakult are recruiting new Yakult ladies to sell their yoghurt drink door-to-door in my neighbourhood. Well, the flyer says 'Yakult Staff' but I've never seen a man doing the job. The hours are 9 to 2 and you can earn more than 80,000 Yen. The flyer lists the daily routine as follows:
From 8.30 - Drop children off at nursery (Yakult seems to have a nursery which is 8,000 Yen per child per month.) Put on Yakult uniform and check appearance. Prepare your Yakult box and moped (Yakult mopeds are bright blue with cool boxes on the back).
From 9am - Check attendance and receive confirmation of absences. Cooperate and communicate with co-workers.
From 9.15 - Call on your area's customers. Find out about their health. Communication is important so deliver your products with a smile and full of sincerity.
From 12.30 to 2pm - Do administration at the Yakult centre. Eat your respective lunches. Clean up. Do preparation for the following days. Total up sales.
From 3pm - Pick up your children and return home.
They also have vacancies for cosmetic staff.
It's an example of 'parto', part-time jobs for housewives. It's the kind of job many of my female students want to do. They want to work for two years after graduation then quit to marry (with a kind, tall, very rich man they usually say), have two children - a girl and a boy, and do parto while their kids are at nursery. When they say this, the male students go very quiet because they know they've really got their work cut out to attract any woman in this recession and then financially support her and the children. Men tend to call housewives' lives, 'Three meals a day and an afternoon nap'. I don't really think such a life is viable any more, especially in Tokyo. Sorry girls.