Tuesday, 8 May 2012

More British Culture and Society Answers

The second part of my British Culture and Society final exam consists of short answer questions, some testing their knowledge while the last two are opportunities for the students to write their ideas more freely. Here are some excerpts from students' answers.


There are three reasons. First, the British Empire covered one quarter of the world and ruled over one quarter of the world's population. Next, the ships were invented in 15th century. And it was easy to go other country. Finally, England earned money from trade. So English became the most popular language.

British had many colony. Many people spoke English. British won the World War II.


Because the food that saving the working classes. Fish and chips was the cheapest food to buy. The working classes were able to buy. In addition, it sits on the stomach a while. So, they could work a long time.

Because the food that saved the working class. Fish and chips was cheapest to buy. And they could eat without circumstance. Because fish and chips are rolled by newspaper.
The dish is cheap, so the dish is saved the working class people. Also potatoes are easy to grow.

Because it was the cheapest food to buy. It can eat at street.

I think that England is surrounded by sea. Therefore, England got a lot of fish.


Compulsory on the British education is from 5 to 16. On the other hand, Japan is from 6 to 15.

Japan has many universities, but British has a few universities. So Japan can enter the university you like.

First differences between the British education system and Japanese one is that almost British universities are state school. Second is the British universities are difficult to get in, so students motivations for study are higher than Japan. I think the British education system is better than Japanese, because Japanese universities are easy to enter so students are not study for pass the examination. Also, British women are more study hard than men are good points.

In UK, it is difficult for Britis people to enter the university. Because they have to get high level. And, the people of A level do not usually run their own entrance examination. To get into good universities they need good A level grades and to pass an interview. But Japan is different. Japan have about 800 universities. (UK is 115). So Japanese people can go to the university if they don't get high level. (Because Japanese universities are to high levels from low levels). but All people have to take entrance examination. I think Japan is good (heart symbol) Because I want to go the university even if I am stupid!

Japanse people think that after graduate high school student should go to university in the time and their parents pay a lot of money for them. However, British people has different idea. 558,1000 out of a total of 925,700 university student over 21, and 90% of student work part time. They pay school expenses by themselves. It's very good thing, because I think studen who pay by themselves study more than student who pay by their parent.

In Japan, it is easier than UK to enter university. Japanese students don't study so hard and enjoy their school life. On the other hand, It is very difficult to enter university in UK. Students in UK study very hard and there are few universities. Needless to say, UK is better than Japan. There are too many universities in Japan and that is why the entrance examination is easy.

I think Japanese education system is better, because it is freedom. I don't think that education is the most important thing for us.

Japanese system is boring because I just listen to teacher's explain and just take a notebook. However the British system, students research a topic in advance and discuss about it. I'm interested in studying by the British system than Japanese system.

I want to choose Japan, because I can choose school in many universities.

I think Japan's system's are better because when I will mother we can deposit a baby.


I would like to be working class because working class people have pride like John Lennon. I would like to live with strong pride.

I'd like to be lower or working class, because I want to be a working class hero and give courage and hope to other working class people. In addition, I want to stop discrimination by classes.

I would like to be lower middle classes. I have reasons that I think so. I don't want to work hard and do jobs which require professional qualifications.

I'd like to be middle class. Middle class has various office jobs and I want to work.

I would like to be middle class because I would like to spend ordinary life.

I'd like to be the middle class. I want to have a rich life in my future. But it is not too rich means I don't want to be a princess or famous person in the world. Because there are many paparazzies around them to get gossips. I can't live with that. That's why, I'd like to be the middle class.

I'd like to middle class because I am Japanese, so I like middle one. 90% of Japanese people consider themselves to be middle class because of they work in offices. I would like to win job hunting at a office.

I'd like to be middle class people. Because I want to have a secure position.

I'd like to be middle class. Because my dream is to be a professional of tax system. If I'm upper class, I think I can be satisfied with this circumstance and I can't get achievement in my life.

I would like to be in the upper classes. I would live with comfortable, and I want use upper class languages. It sounds cool. That's why I chose it.

I would like to be upper class because upper class people look elegant, and it's just my image. Such people always enjoy riding horses.

I don't want to be the upper class, because they look like boring. I love to do job!

I want to be a upper class because, I want to have own land. So I'll get married with upper class man in British.

I'd like to be upper class because I'd like to take high education and live laxuary. Like Kate Middleton, I'd like to hold wonderful wedding.

I'd like to be Upper class because I love milk tea that's tea is more than milk.

If I were, I want to be upper class, because I want to taste elegant feeling.

High class. because I want to be a rich and I want to enjoy rich man life.


British has a class system. Japanese doesn't have one.

Japanse and British are polite, but Japanese are too strict. British will be relaxed and humourous at the beginning.

In Japan, many people stand on ceremony, and humour isn't considered acceptable. In British, people are relaxed and humourous because being humourous is a skill which they must learn and become good at.

British has humour, but Japanese are very nervous.

British people try to show they are funny at first time. Japanese people try to show I am sincere people.

I think sence of humor the life is funner than Japanese. Because Japanese think 'laugh' is a humiliation sometimes. We think if a person commit a crime, we ridicule the person and his family and maybe his friend also. So the difference is a humore.

The Japanese must present a serious face especially in business, but the British have a sense of humour. So the British are always smiling. (It's my imagination).

Most of Japanese are shy, and also many Japanese don't have any beliefs to believe eagarly. In addition, the UK has class.

The Japanese have tatemae and honne. For introductions and formal situations humour is not considered acceptable. On the other hand, the British also have tatemae and honne but they will be relaxed and humourous at the beginning. They will show you their serious face when they know you better. The Japanese is serious and the British is funny!

First, British have humor. Humor is very important in UK. Second, British are diligent than Japanese. Moreover, most British have their beliefs. For example, there are drudism, protestantism.

UK is so cold, so the British take in high calorie, like so sweet snack. But the Japanese, especially women don't like high calorie food because the Japanese worry about them looks. They don't want to grow fat, always want to be a slim body especially women.

The sweets of UK are too sweet! Japan is not!
British people drink the tea many times in a day! Japan is not!

British people frequently drink tea from 4 times to 5 times per day. I think they drink it too much! I'm worried about their health. Although I don't know tea is good or bad for health, I think drinking too much tea is not good for health. I recommend that British people drink tea moderately!

Cuisine. British people had to have calories because England is a cold island country, so there are many sweet and fat cuisine.
Religion. 71% British people are christianity. Japanese believe something spiritulal, but don't believe a god very much.

In British, People do not start eating before everyone has been served. But Japanese people start eating before everyone come back to home. The manner is so wonderful. The second is the British people do not speak with your mouthfull. The manner is so graceful for me. The Japanese people don't think that.

First, beliefs. British believes in their own regions (I think they mean religions) but Japanese doesn't. British people drink 4 to 5 cups of tea in average. British have class system clearly. They love humour.

Death penalty was abolished in 1964 in Britain. But it is still executed in Japan. I disapprove of death penalty. Because even if someone killed people, we don't have a right to kill him or her. British people knew early that than Japanese people. I think that British people are superior to Japanese people in the matter of death penalty.

I think British people love their countries. Japanese people don't really like Japan.

British seem to think cultures are important.

First, appearance is different for example, hair, height. Second, food is different. British people eat sweet and oily foods.

Language, skin.

Sorry, I don't know.